Get Started

Our recommendation for everyone is to start with our Fitcamp/Intro class. This is Crossfit without the barbell. No prerequisite necessary, no need to get in shape before you join. All levels of fitness accepted…this means you! This class meets on a monthly basis, therefore, you can choose to stay as long as you please.

Second: If your goal is to join the Crossfit (barbell) classes, then join our On Ramp ($250) for one month.

In the OnRamp or Barbell 101 class you will learn the basics of barbell lifting. We will cover and practice Squats, Deadlifts, Cleans, Presses, Snatch and other movements. Once all barbell movements have been covered, we will review rowing, cycling (airdyne) and gymnastic movements. You may be exempt from the OnRamp by scheduling a personal session ($55) but you must have clear knowledge and be able to perform barbell movements listed above without the guidance of the trainer. Please note taking a personal session does not guarantee exemption from the OnRamp; you MUST show clear knowledge. The OnRamp meets twice a week, mornings or evenings (contact Lisa for monthly schedule).

Lastly: Join our Crossfit classes: 

All levels of fitness welcomed! Trainer will give you utmost attention to ensure you are being challenged each time you visit. Our motto is Quality over Quantity and Integrity is a must! You will be expected to live up to the standards here at Crossfit Houston. Crossfit classes meet during the morning and evening hours (see schedule).


Contact Lisa before Registering

On Ramp Registration
When registering please do not adjust beginning date on Zen Planner; 1st of every month
For scheduling information, contact: Lisa