On Ramp to Crossfit

On Ramp Program
Every new member will be required to go through this course prior to joining the CrossFit group classes.

This is a one month course geared towards a generally active, injury free individual to establish basic barbell fundamentals.  You will be able to make your transition to the CrossFit Group Classes where you will continue your practice on technique and form to be proficient with all barbell movements.  Due to the importance of a set curriculum, it is extremely important that you attend each and every class – if you miss, a make up session will be required ($40.00).  This program is a good transition from our Intro class to a small group class (maximum of 4) where an instructor will keep close watch on your movement technique and barbell progress.  Movements covered:  Deadlift, Cleans, Press, PushPress, Push Jerk, Front Squat, Back Squat & OH Squat
No refunds available.

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**When registering please do not adjust beginning date on Zen Planner; 1st of every month**

For scheduling information, contact: Lisa