Fri, 07/21/17 – RowFit Class

Workout of the Day
07-21-17rf1 07-21-17rf2 07-21-17rf3
07-21-17rf4 07-21-17rf5

Wed, 07/19/17 – RowFit Class

Workout of the Day
07-19-17rf1 07-19-17rf2 07-19-17rf3 07-19-17rf4

Mon, 07/17/17 – RowFit Class

Workout of the Day
07-17-17rf3 07-17-17rf2 07-17-17rf1 07-17-17rf5

Wed, 07/12/17 – RowFit Class

07-12-17rf2 07-12-17rf5 07-12-17rf3
07-12-17rf4 07-12-17rf1 07-12-17rf7 07-12-17rf6
Workout of the Day

Shuttle Run
Box Jumps
Knee Ups
1/2 Tabata
Frisbee Mountain Climbers
Frisbee Knee Tucks
Cool Down:
800m Row

Fri, 07/07/17 – RowFit Class

Workout of the Day
07-07-17fc6 07-07-17fc4 07-07-17fc5
07-07-17fc2 07-07-17fc1 07-07-17fc3

Wed, 07/05/17 – Intro/FitCamp

07-05-17fc2 07-05-17fc6 07-05-17fc1 07-05-17fc5
07-05-17fc4 07-05-17fc7 07-05-17fc8 07-05-17fc3
Workout of the Day
AMRAP 20min
7 PushUps
14 SitUps
21 Cal Row
2min Max

Tue, 07/04/17 – Happy 4th of July

07-04-17fourth06 07-04-17fourth05 07-04-17fourth10
07-04-17fourth14 07-04-17fourth03 07-04-17fourth01
07-04-17fourth12 07-04-17fourth13 07-04-17fourth04
07-04-17fourth09 07-04-17fourth11 07-04-17fourth16
07-04-17fourth07 07-04-17fourth02 07-04-17fourth15
Workout of the Day
1.08 Mile Run
x7 Rounds
7 Clean & Jerk or B2SH
6 Burpees Over Bar or Ball


Mon, 07/03/17 – RowFit Class

07-03-17cf1 07-03-17cf8
Workout of the Day

x5 Rounds
10 BJO
10 Goblet Squats
then 200m Farmers Carry
followed by
x5 Rounds
10 Swings
M:10/F:6 PushUps

Wed, 06/28/17

06-28-1701 06-28-1703 06-28-1704 06-28-1708
06-28-1705 06-28-1702 06-28-1706 06-28-1707
06-28-1709 06-28-1710 06-28-1711 06-28-1712
Workout of the Day
AMRAP 20min
200m run
10 DB PP
10 Box Jumps
Thur, June 29th,
Fri, June 30th
Sat, July 1st

Jul Schedule1

Mon, 06/26/17 – Intro/FitCamp

Workout of the Day
06-26-17fc4 06-26-17fc1 06-26-17fc5
06-26-17fc2 06-26-17fc3