Fit Camp

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What is a CrossFit Houston Fit Camp?
It’s a high intensity workout with easy to follow movements designed to maximize fat burning.  Sessions include warm-up, intro to exercises, high intensity workout and cool down.  Great for beginners and advanced clients.  Total session time is 45min.

  • Why are you different than other FitCamps?  The workouts that we provide are designed to optimize your physical competence and are formed of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.  Remember, “no action in life is isolated movement so why train that way”
  • Do I need to get in shape before I try this class?  Absolutely not!  All of our workouts are scalable to each individual’s needs.  No need to worry, our trainers are there every step of the way.  They make sure to demonstrate exercises prior to starting any workout to ensure that everyone is executing the movements properly.
  • What results can I expect?  First and foremost, results are not guaranteed, they are earned!  With the workouts that we offer you will build your strength and endurance which in turn will increase your flexibility, agility and mental toughness.  Keep in mind that it will take WORK and a good attitude to get through the workouts.
  • Can I make-up any missed workouts or get my money back?  No, If I attend, I expect you to attend!  No cash or credit refunds available…no exceptions
  • What should I wear?  Comfortable workout clothes and a fitting pair of running shoes.  Please bring your own water and/or any other beverage you prefer to stay hydrated.  A pair of gloves is optional but highly recommended…..and last but not least, “A CAN DO ATTITUDE :)”
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