Thur, 08/11 – Fri, 08/12

Workout of the Day (WOD)
x6 Rounds
30sec Thrusters
30sec Rest
30sec to run 100m
30sec Rest
30sec Pullups or Situps
30sec Rest

08-11-16cfr1 08-11-16fc2

Tue, 08/09/16 ATG/IntroFitCamp

08-09-16fc01 08-09-16fc02 08-09-16fc03 08-09-16fc04 08-09-16fc05
08-09-16fc06 08-09-16fc07 08-09-16fc08 08-09-16fc09 08-09-16fc10
Workout of the Day
AMRAP 30min
20 DB PP
20 ABMat Situps
20 Box Jumps
20 Knee Ups or SitUps

Tue, 08/02/16 – ATG/FitCamp

Workout of the Day
08-02-16fc1 08-02-16fc2 08-02-16fc3 08-02-16fc4

Thur, 07/21/16 – ATG/IntroFitCamp

Workout of the Day
07-21-16fc1 07-21-16fc2 07-21-16fc3
07-21-16fc4 07-21-16fc5 07-21-16fc6

Tue, 07/19/16 – ATG/IntroFitCamp

Workout of the Day
06-19-16fc3 06-19-16fc6 06-19-16fc1
06-19-16fc4 06-19-16fc2 06-19-16fc5

Mon, 07/18/16

07-18-16cf3 07-18-16cf1 07-18-16cf4 07-18-16cf2
07-18-16cf5 07-18-16cf6 06-18-16fc1 07-18-16cf8
Workout of the Day (WOD)
x8 Rounds
3sec work/30sec off
Goblet Squats
Pullups, Pushups or AbMat Butterfly Situps
(Scale Accordingly)

Thur, 07/14/16 – ATG/IntroFitCamp

Workout of the Day
07-14-16fc1 07-14-16fc2 07-14-16fc3
07-14-16fc4 07-14-16fc5

Tue, 07/12/16 – ATG/IntroFitCamp

Workout of the Day
07-12-166 07-12-167 07-12-168 07-12-169

Mon, 07/11/16 – ATG/IntroFitCamp

Workout of the Day
07-11-16fc03 07-11-16fc01 07-11-16fc02 07-11-16fc04 07-11-16fc13
07-11-16fc06 07-11-16fc11 07-11-16fc12 07-11-16fc07 07-11-16fc08
07-11-16fc05 07-11-16fc09 07-11-16fc10 07-11-16fc14 07-11-16fc15

Thur, 07/07/16 – ATG/IntroFitCamp

Workout of the Day
07-07-16fc1 07-07-16fc2 07-07-16fc3
07-07-16fc4 07-07-16fc5 07-07-16fc6